Monday, February 27, 2012

Did Deborah Feldman Misrepresent Her Academic Background?



Did Deborah Feldman Misrepresent Her Academic Background?

Deborah Feldman closeupThe author of "Unorthodox" claims to have received a scholarship to study at Sarah Lawrence, and she's said she was admitted without having a high school diploma or a transcript. How much, if anything, of this is true?
Deborah Feldman closeup
Deborah Feldman
Is Deborah Feldman lying about her college education?
Listen to her brief interview (posted below) with Leonard Lopate, which was recorded a few days ago. when you hear it, you'd think Feldman was admitted to a BA program at Sarah Lawrence – without a high school diploma or a transcript! – and was still studying there.
But I'm told that she was admitted to a writing program through the Continuing Education division of Sarah Lawrence. It does not require transcripts or even a high school diploma. (Please see the application posted at the end of this post.)
I'm also told that Feldman has not been a student at Sarah Lawrence since 2010.
It seems Feldman just can't tell the truth.
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  1. Read the book. In it she is completely up front about being admitted to Sarah Lawrence's Continuing Education program. She goes on at length about the other married women--obviously not full time students--who are in the program with her. (If it is really the Failed Messiah writer who penned this comment: I would have expected better from you, Scott. Why so quick to judge negatively?)